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Nerve Centre® comes in two different editions: Nerve Centre as a Service (NCaaS), which works with a monthly fee and limited initial costs. And Nerve Centre as a product, for which you pay a one-time licensing fee and which optionally includes the required hardware.
The NCaaS service is a proactively managed service that provides scale-up and call/notification functionality for groups of people like in-house emergency services, crisis teams, technical personnel, etc., at the customer’s location. Below is a list of the services NCaaS provides.

– The service uses a variety of systems and technologies, making for an extremely versatile solution.
– The system relieves you of having to take care of the investment, implementation, maintenance and operational management of such a solution.
– The service is supported by years of experience and expertise from NewBridges and her partners, guaranteeing the right solution for your situation.
– The service offers a future-proof solution that can grow along with the development of your organization.

On purchase of Nerve Centre as a Service there is a one-time installation fee. After that, the service works with a monthly fee (which includes 24×7 support).

Many organization still opt to purchase Nerve Centre® as a product. In that case, the software runs on the client’s own servers or at a data center. As owner of the software, you yourself manage the groups, scenarios, voice prompts, etc., and you have the ability to generate reports. Additionally, Nerve Centre® as a product offers more options for input/output. Just like NCaaS, Nerve Centre® as a product makes use the digital infrastructure already in place and can grow along with the development of your organization. Nerve Centre® as a product also has a number of modules that are not available in the service edition. For specific telephone lines to a customer’s telephone exchange, for example.
When purchasing the product edition, a one-time purchase is made, which can include maintenance contract if desired.

In-depth information about all modules and purchase information can be found in the Nerve Centre knowledgebase.


Initial pricing indication. A complete Nerve Centre® solution can only be offered after further acquaintance. A pricing indication can only be determined after more is known about the specific demands and desires put on the configuration. Pricing per location can vary between several hundred or a few thousand euro, depending on the chosen functionality for each location.

Our offers normally come in three different kinds:

1. A Cloud-based subscription.

On-premise delivery can happen in two ways:
2. Subscription based: the client pays a fixed monthly fee. Initial payments only includeds hardware components and service hours purchased.
3. Direct purchase: the client invests in licenses and hardware with a one time purchase.


The cloud based version of Nerve Centre® offers the great advantage of low initial costs and an all-inclusive monthly fee.

The monthly fee includes:
·         Licenses for the agreed on number of people, modules, etc.
·         24×7 monitoring by the New Bridges tech support, immediate response to (potential) continuity issues.

Minimum contract duration: 12 months, thereafter terminable with a 3 month cancellation period.


In addition to the cloud-based version, clients can opt for the on-premise version. In this case Nerve Centre® is installed on a local server of the client (or a server purchased in combination with Nerve Centre®).


With the subscription version, the customer pays a one time amount for the hardware involved and startup/implementation costs. All licenses are rented at a monthly fee.

This version includes the possibility of requesting upgrades to newer editions of Nerve Centre® during the duration of the subscription. Besides potential man-hours, no additional upgrade costs will be charged. Minimum contract length is 12 months, thereafter terminable with a 3 month cancellation period. All hardware and software licenses end when the subscription is cancelled.

Direct Purchase

With direct purchase, the customer pays all hardware, software and installation costs at once. (Normally in a payment plan of: 25% on ordering, 65% on ready-to-use delivery, 10% at completed delivery and initial use). With direct purchase, if desired, the customer receives all potential upgrades for free in the first two years after purchase. This means that customers who completed an installation right before a new version was released can still install the new version within two years. Only potential man-hours will be charged.

Servicing options with On-premise
Customers have their choice of two service plans: Bronze Office and Silver Continuous. Up till recently, five kinds of plans were offered. From the end of 2012 this has been reduced to two different plans. Bronze Office was formerly known as “Standard Office”. Silver Continuous was formerly known as “Comfort Continuous”. To ensure repair, it is necessary for a custom offer to be made for potential spare parts stored at the customer’s location.

Click here to access the calculation tool,
which New Bridges has developed to give you an indication of the costs of the Nerve Centre® configuration you need. The initial and monthly costs for the different editions of Nerve Centre® are immediately.


Partner information

The Nerve Centre® partner program was developed with a win-win mindset. Partners who chose New Bridges to be a Nerve Centre® partner all add value compared to Nerve Centre® as a separate product. The partner’s expertise and broad portfolio make it very attractive for customers to buy complete solutions from a single party.

Partners may, for example, have an established relationship with a customer for years, taking care of their telephony system and data traffic. In that case, Nerve Centre® is a great addition to the communications platform. But also partners more specialized in industrial installation technology can offer a more complete package of options to their clients by including Nerve Centre®. These are some of the Solution Partners that currently offer Nerve Centre®
– Detron
– Koning & Hartman
– Telecom Service Groep
– Trigion
– Axians
– Apply
– Dimension Data

Want to know more about the partner program or interested in becoming a Nerve Centre® partner? Most major sectors are already well represented, but perhaps your customer circle or sector may be an addition nonetheless. Feel free to contact us.


The Knowledgebase contains extensive information on the different Nerve Centre® modules. Both functional as well as technical information can be found in the Knowledgebase.

The Knowledgebase is intended for end users, but can also be used by account managers or consultants guiding their customer through the selection and purchase of Nerve Centre®.

Click here to access our Knowledgebase. Can’t find the information you were looking for? Let us know!

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