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Emergency software

Nerve Centre® is a complete Emergency Software solution for notifying groups of people in case of an incident or calamity.

In an emergency, every second counts…

Quickly notifying the right people, that is what Nerve Centre® does. Nerve Centre® responds to emergency situations by immediately alerting the right groups of people and providing them with the relevant information. On top of that, Nerve Centre’s Emergency Software also allows the people involved to be in constant communication while handling the incident.

By making sure all communication in urgent situations can transpire quickly and efficiently, damage can be limited or even prevented right from the start. Besides managing calamities and incidents, Nerve Centre® can also be put to use excellently in less critical situations.

In most cases, the Nerve Centre® Emergency Software is connected to the equipment already in place (on-premises or from the cloud), like a telephone exchange, fire alarm control unit, building management system, digital I/O, etc., avoiding large investments in new equipment on your side.

Nerve Centre® can be connected to nearly any digital device and is often used in conjunction with location tracking and Alerts through smartphone or tablet Apps.

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Cloud or on-premises?

Nerve Centre® comes in both a cloud-based and an on-premises edition. Low initial costs and an all-inclusive monthly fee are big advantages of the cloud-based solution of the Emergency Software.

For strategic or legal reasons it may be necessary for Nerve Centre® to be installed on one or more servers at the client’s IT department. In that case, one can opt for the on-premises alternative of the Nerve Centre® Emergency Software.

Curious what Nerve Centre® can do for your organization?

Because of its great versatility and the extensive configuration options Nerve Centre® offers, it has many applications in different sectors, in industry, health care, government, and education.

Want to know what Nerve Centre® can do for your organization? Contact us for an initial talk on (0031) 88 6600333 or request a free demo through