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Critical Communication

Nerve Centre® is a Critical Communication solution that can quickly notify groups of people in case of an emergency or a calamity and facilitate quick communication between them.

Calamities aren’t a choice – safety and business continuity are!

The thing about calamities is that they do not adjust to fit our expectations. How often do we hear of an accident or emergency that we had not ever really thought of could happen? A toppling crane, a fire at an unexpected location on an industrial park, disasters are not limited by our imagination.

The right people at the right moment…

In case of an emergency, communication is of great importance. Sometimes even vital importance. Every incident where effective communication isn’t possible can cause major damage. And often there are no do-overs… Action must be taken quickly, or the consequences can be devastating. In cases like this, a reliable Critical Communication system is indispensable; don’t waste precious time on slow call trees. Nerve Centre® achieves effective damage control by quickly informing the right people.

Nerve Centre® is used in different sectors for Critical Communication:

  • Industry
  • Office
  • Education
  • Government
  • Enterntainment
  • Healthcare (Hospital Emergency Operations Plan)


Nerve Centre® is usually connected to the equipment already in place (on-premises or from the cloud), like a telephone exchange, fire alarm control unit, building management system, digital I/O, etc., avoiding large investments in new equipment on your side.

What can Nerve Centre® do for you?

Nerve Centre® has can be used for widely varying applications: from summoning an Emergency Response Team in case of a large fire to handling production alerts in a factory. But also in conjunction with location tracking for Lone Worker Protection and even for product recall Nerve Centre® can be put to use excellently. More and more, Nerve Centre® is used in combination with different smartphone and tablet Apps.

Curious what Nerve Centre® can do for your organization when it comes to critical communication? Contact us on (0031) 88 6600333 or request a free demo through