Nerve Centre® is used in a variety of different sectors. From the armed forces to public attractions, both large and small organizations.

Nerve Centre for a theatre
Theatres daily receive large numbers of people in differing group compositions. Combined with the presence of all kinds of stage props, this can increase the danger in case of a fire. For an example of Nerve Centre’s role in a theater environment, we refer you to the Business Case of Almere Theater.

Nerve Centre for a hotel
In a hotel, fire is one of the major risks as well. By connecting Nerve Centre® to the fire alarm system, alarms can be relayed quickly to the emergency team members on duty, so a false alarm can be detected quickly. When there really is a fire, the emergency team can immediately take the required steps to get guests and staff to safety as quickly as possible and prevent material damage as much as possible.

Nerve Centre for a zoo
At a zoo, Nerve Centre® has a large number of potential uses. Notifying first aid responders, for example, or for emergency calls in case of a calamity, or for calling a specific employee from a specific group of zookeepers.

Nerve Centre for a data center
In a data center, too, Nerve Centre® can be of great service. For example, by monitoring the temperature in different rooms and notifying the right employees in case of a malfunction or other technical issues.

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    Be it at an industrial plant, city hall, hospital, college, or office building: incidents do occur everywhere and almost always happen unexpectedly.
    In those scenarios, good communication is essential, and an efficient communications platform plays a crucial role in this. Select your sector and find out what Nerve Centre® can do for you.

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