Because residential areas are increasingly located right next to the fences of industrial parks, many people literally live under the smoke plumes of the local industry. When a calamity occurs in such areas, the effect on the surroundings can be devastating, including for the local residents. Within the factories themselves, employees can encounter (very) dangerous conditions, like the release of certain chemicals, accidents with machinery, or a lone worker experiencing a medical emergency.

The right people, at the right place, at the right time…

That definitely applies in the industrial sector as well. What are the consequences of a halted assembly line or having to recall a product that turns out to be unsafe? Quick action is vital, or the consequences can be disastrous. In these scenarios, communication is of great importance… Sometimes even vital importance! By quickly informing the right people, Nerve Centre® ensures damage is kept at a minimum.


Within the industrial sector, Nerve Centre® is used in:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Food Industry
  • Automotive and Shipbuilding Industry

The uses of Nerve Centre® in the industrial sector vary widely: from calling together a crisis response team in the event of a large fire, to use in production alarms. But also in conjunction with location tracking for Lone Worker Protection and even for product recall, Nerve Centre® is eminently usable.

The video below shows how Nerve Centre® is used in the industrial sector in combination with location tracking.

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    Be it at an industrial plant, city hall, hospital, college, or office building: incidents do occur everywhere and almost always happen unexpectedly.
    In those scenarios, good communication is essential, and an efficient communications platform plays a crucial role in this. Select your sector and find out what Nerve Centre® can do for you.

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