Because of the great responsibility health care institution carry for their patients, residents and staff, preventing incidents is a top priority. Personal harm, but also material damage can be reduced or even prevented if a system is present that quickly and efficiently handles alarms in case of calamities or incidents.

Some examples of situations where Nerve Centre® can be used in the Health Care sector:

  • Hospital Emergency Operations Plan
  • Summon Reanimation and Trauma Teams
  • In-House Emergency Services
  • Fire Alarms
  • Wander Detection
  • Personal Alarm with Location Tracking
  • Nurse Call System
  • Call in Technical Services
  • Medical Equipment Management System

In critical moments, only relevant information counts, and it should get to the right people as quickly as possible. Due to increased staff mobility and the diversity in means of communication, an efficient communications platform is essential. Not only for reporting incidents, but also for the subsequent steps that require swift and capable action, Nerve Centre® provides the solution for handling incidents. Anywhere groups of people need to be informed based on an alarm potentially stemming from a wide range of equipment, Nerve Centre® is the perfect fit.

Hospital Emergency Operations Plan

Hospital Licensing and Regulation laws mandate that hospitals have an Emergency Operations Plan. In case of an emergency, hospitals scale up their regular operations. The hospital is made ready to receive a large number of victims. Here, Nerve Centre® plays a crucial role. Because of the scaled up situation, employees from different departments are called in following a previously defined procedure.

Thanks to the OTO Knowledge Portal, the video below shows how Nerve Centre® is used as part of the Hospital Emergency Operations Plan for Leiden University Medical Center.




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    Be it at an industrial plant, city hall, hospital, college, or office building: incidents do occur everywhere and almost always happen unexpectedly.
    In those scenarios, good communication is essential, and an efficient communications platform plays a crucial role in this. Select your sector and find out what Nerve Centre® can do for you.

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