Municipal governments are constantly in motion. Besides organizational changes, more vocal citizens and the constant pressure to economize, municipal governments are being put in the spotlight by a number of different incidents. Large scale fires, shootings, (attempted) terrorist attacks, all of them have increased awareness of the weight of the responsibility of public safety and contingency planning. And when it comes to safety, municipalities don’t just have a duty towards their residents. They also are employers, and that role comes with a number of safety responsibilities.

Whether it is a medical emergency at the town hall, a violence related incident at the Department of Public Services, or the evacuation of all locations in case of a bomb alert: Nerve Centre® immediately relays the correct information (nature and location of the incident) to the right people and/or groups. With a fast and complete information distribution, an adequate response becomes possible, for example by Nerve Centre® automatically starting a conference call. Besides internal alarms, Nerve Centre® can also be put to use excellently for public order and safety related alerts. In a matter of minutes, the official on duty can alert the emergency operations center about a calamity or incident. In practice, using Nerve Centre® reduces the time necessary for the Public Order and Safety Department to be at full force by 45 to 60 minutes. Investing in a Nerve Centre® installation can be even more attractive if multiple buildings or locations are equipped with this solution. In that case, a single Nerve Centre® installation suffices, handling all alarms for all locations involved.

Customer Case Royal Navy Fire Department

The video below shows how the Fire Department of the Royal Navy in Den Helder (The Netherlands) uses Nerve Centre®. In the event of a fire alarm, all personnel involved is called up, including the bridge operator, who makes sure the bridge is accessible for the fire truck to use.

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    Be it at an industrial plant, city hall, hospital, college, or office building: incidents do occur everywhere and almost always happen unexpectedly.
    In those scenarios, good communication is essential, and an efficient communications platform plays a crucial role in this. Select your sector and find out what Nerve Centre® can do for you.

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