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When someone regularly works by themselves, risk-reducing measures like a discrete alarm system are crucial for the employee’s safety. Think for example of a health care employee responsible for taking care of a group of patients at night, or someone in a large factory or other large facility working in isolation. When such a person is faced with aggressive behavior, an accident, or a medical emergency, they must be able to quickly call in outside help. Besides sending alarms quickly, accurate location tracking is often indispensable for this. With location tracking, the position of the person can be determined accurately, meaning help can arrive on location quickly.

The video below shows how Nerve Centre® functions in conjunction with location tracking.

Download the brochure here: Brochure Nerve Centre Lone Worker Protect



On January 1st, 2018, New Bridges acquired the Lone Worker Protect (LWP) portal and the LWP App from Sonim. Sonim is a supplier of “industry and healthcare proof” smartphones, and has decided to invest the LWP software with New Bridges. A nice addition to our existing critical communications software.

“Protect your personnel, streamline emergency procedures, and reduce risk for employees working alone and/or in dangerous circumstances with an NC-Protect solution.”

NC-protect™ is an end-to-end solution for personal alarms including location tracking and a range of different follow-up procedures. With this, NC-Protect goes above and beyond current safety laws and regulations. This solution finds frequent application in the Industry and Health Care sectors, for example for employees working in isolated circumstances and/or dangerous environments.

You can find more information about NC-Protect here.

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